Glorious Malone’s: Leaving a legacy for the next generation

 By Sylvia Wilson

Black entrepreneurship has a long legacy of success in Milwaukee. Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage is a wonderful example of how the passion to continue dreaming can pass from one generation to the next. The company, which specializes in making gourmet headcheeses and pates, started over 60 years ago in the kitchen of George and Glorious Malone. After George passed away in 1972, Glorious took over and continued to grow the business—becoming the first African American woman to own a federally licensed meat processing plant. When she passed away in 2007, the couple’s eldest daughter, Daphne Jones, became President and CEO, carrying on her mother’s dream of encouraging dreams.


Jones grew up watching her parents take pride in what they did. “It feels deserving of continuing,” she stated. “It’s a joy for me to be a part of this legacy.” For her, Glorious Malone’s products helps families and friends create memories, as their products are often a part of the conversation when taking family trips or telling family stories. “People expect to have our products in stores,” stated Jones. She recalled a time when Malone’s was late delivering to a store. The store staff called her, to let her know that they had customers waiting for the delivery! “We’re most proud of our customers…no matter what, they feel we’re still worthy of their time and money.”


Jones believes that the uniqueness of Glorious Malone’s products have made them a gold standard in their genre of foods, in terms of flavor, texture, and versatility. She stated, “It’s the best, best, best!” Jones has even worked with local chefs to create a cookbook to help her customers “think outside of the cracker.” The cookbook contains recipes that are outside of the “norm” when thinking of headcheese or pate, including: appetizers, salads, pasta dishes, and even an ice cream! By showing customers the adaptability of their products, Jones hopes to get more and more people to understand that “Every refrigerator should have some!” According to Entrepreneur, building a legacy for your business requires the owner to repeat and proselytize their vision! Jones’ determination to share the wide range of possibilities in using Malone’s products is very compelling, as she was even able to get me to try headcheese and pate for the first time! (Very tasty!)


Jones believes that the Malone’s legacy is not just for her “but [for] the entire community—to inspire everyone to become their dreams!” Glorious Malone’s has grown from a small endeavor in a family kitchen, to an operation that uses a 12,000 square foot federally inspected facility, employs nine staff, processes 1,600 lbs. of meat per day, distributes to 400 stores in the Midwest, and sells nationally online. Yet, Jones believes that the love that goes into what they do is the true reason behind Glorious Malone’s success.


She is dedicated to helping young people envision dreams for themselves and begin reaching for them. When she comes into contact with young people she stated that she often asks, “what do you want and how do you dream?” She feels that it’s necessary to ask these questions to help youth discover the “freedom and excitement of dreaming.” Jones also feels that young people need to understand that “love can come for no reason at all, unexpectedly.” She believes that within the Black community “we can accomplish anything we want and create our own steam…and become self-sufficient.” She is passionate about the success of Glorious Malone’s and the impact they can make on the community because “we have to show the babies [that it can be done]!”


Highlights from Glorious Malone’s


  • Building a legacy through entrepreneurship
  • Passion about and pride in your company’s products
  • Building customer loyalty through high quality
  • Researching and building versatility for products

Trailblazing for the next generation




Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage
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Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage
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Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage
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