What is Milwaukee Black Business (MKEBB)?

An online business and organization directory focused on Milwaukee’s African American (AA) community. We exist to celebrate, empower, and grow AA businesses in Milwaukee through providing information online.



What can MKEBB do for my business?

We promote your goods, services, and events. We bring in thousands of clicks and views, increasing your visibility and presence in the greater Milwaukee community. Plus, we simplify the clutter. Users don’t have to search the whole web to find your business anymore.We bring them right to you, through our easy-to-use search options.



Why should I sign-up?

  • For Users – Write reviews about the businesses and organizations in your community. It’s a great way for you to interact and make them even better.
  • For Businesses and Organizations – Market your goods and services to those closest to you.




Who is behind this business? 

MKEBB is owned and operated by the dynamic father-daughter duo of Curtiss Harris and Lynn Harris Farmer.  Both raised in Milwaukee and educated in Milwaukee Public Schools.



Why did you start it?

We saw a need in the community. We know the power of the Black dollar in Milwaukee and we had a hard time finding the businesses and organizations that we wanted to support. We thought our combined business skills were right to tackle this type of challenge.




Why only Black Businesses?

We noticed AA businesses are severely underrepresented in the Milwaukee Area.  AA businesses make up approximately 22% of local businesses while AA residents represent over 40% of city residents. The city needs AA businesses to flourish as a part of overall economic growth. Also, in a city where 55%+ residents are people of color, we noticed a lack of consistent, positive representation online.



How do I get my business featured on your website and social media?

First, sign up for your free subscription. Also, there are additional features available to premium subscribers. We look for businesses that have a great story along with an active website or social media presence.




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